I am trying to program a bolt pattern on my DRO 200S, but can enter co-ordinates in the Y and Z axes (or X and Z axes) when I want to enter positions in the X and Y axes. What should I do?

Depress the TOOL soft key, then depress the TOOL AXIS soft key to toggle through the axes until it displays (Z).

What should I do when some of the keys on my digital readout seemed to have stopped functioning? I can press the keys but there is no response from the readout.

If a DRO 100 or 200 readout is not responding to one or more key presses. The keypad ribbon cable may have developed a thin layer of corrosion in the connector. To correct this condition, open up the readout and re-seat the ribbon cable.  (read more)

The hard drive in my classic style MILLPWR system is no longer functioning and needs to be replaced. How do I go about replacing the hard drive in my system?

To begin the process of replacing the hard drive on MILLPWR, you first need to identify the motherboard.  (read more)

How do I verify that the Servo Amp board potentiometers are set at their correct values?

Click here for information on how to verify.

I have an ACU-RITE product that needs service. What do I need to do?

Contact the distributor that you purchased the product from. If you do not know where the product was purchased, contact our sales support staff.

  • MILLPWR inquires please call 800.344.2311
  • Digital readout or linear encoder inquiries please call 847.490.0351

Please have the product model number and serial number and a description of the problem when you call.

Where can I purchase ACU-RITE products?

ACU-RITE sells its products through an extensive network of fully trained and qualified distributors. Please call our sales support staff for a distributor in your area.

Does ACU-RITE release product pricing information over the phone?

ACU-RITE’s Sales and Technical Support Departments are authorized to release list prices. Please contact our sales support staff to receive detailed product pricing information.

  • MILLPWR inquires please call 800.344.2311
  • Digital readout or linear encoder inquiries please call 847.490.1191

What does the ACU-RITE 2 Year Warranty cover?

This warranty covers manufacturing defects or component failures for any ACU-RITE readout or precision glass scale during the two year period. This warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of the product.

Does ACU-RITE offer a warranty for MILLPWR?

MILLPWR® and accessory items have a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase.