Encoders & Extras

Encoders, brackets and edge finders

Our standard bearing readouts and controls are even more effective when they’re paired with the right equipment. As part of the HEIDENHAIN Family of Brands, we offer world-class encoders and touch probes. We also go to great lengths to make it easy to install our equipment whether you’re retrofitting an old machine or adding on.

SENC 50 »

Extremely compact for when installation space is limited or restricted.

SENC 150 »

A versatile, high-accuracy encoder that’s ideal for retrofitting.

LMF 9310 »

A multi-section inductive encoder with a guided measuring system.

Edge finders

Our 3-D electronic Edge Finder is an ideal tool for any machinist or operator responsible for efficient, accurate work. It accommodates a wide range of jobs, decreases setup times and ensures precise, repeatable positioning. This probe is mounted on a machine tool’s spindle and automatically zeros on contact with conductive or nonconducting materials. Compatible with ACU-RITE digital readouts: series 200 and 300; compatible ACU-RITE controls: MILLPWRG2 2- and 3-axis, 3-axis readout system.

Mounting brackets

Scale and readout mounting brackets are specifically designed for applications and machine brand. Crucial to operational performance and accuracy, these make proper installation simple without any modification. Find brackets specifically for milling, turning and grinding applications and dozens of machine brands and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ACU-RITE DRO scales compatible with other DRO brands?

Yes, ACU-RITE scales are developed, in part, with the help of our parent company HEIDENHAIN and are held to very high, global feedback standards.

How do you use an Edge Finder with DRO or control?

Used in conjunction with ACU-RITE’s DRO300 readouts or MILLPWRG2 control, Edge Finders decrease setup times and ensure precise, repeatable positioning across a wide range of jobs. When the stylus contacts the workpiece, it is deflected and sends a triggering signal over the connecting cable.

How do I mount an encoder on my machine tool?

While our custom bracketing makes the process much simpler, the encoder installation process can vary significantly, depending on the size and type of machine. This short explainer video offers advice on mounting encoders and will get you started on the right track.