Encoders & Extras

With more than one million in use today, ACU-RITE® Precision Glass Scales withstand the elements of even the harshest machine shop environments. Built to resist changes in size, shape, or density due to temperature and humidity variations, this stability provides exceptional accuracy, resulting in tighter workpiece tolerances. ACU-RITE® scales are available in travel lengths from 1″ – 120″ and in resolutions from 0.5μm (.00002″) to 5μm (.0002″).

ACU-RITE’s 3-D Electronic Edge Finder is designed for use with the 200S and 300S series readouts or the MILLPWRG2 2- and 3-axis control/3-axis readout system. This probe, mounted in the spindle, automatically zeros on contact with either conductive or nonconducting materials, increasing operator speed and accuracy when establishing datum (workpiece zero). The ACU-RITE Electronic Edge Finder is an ideal tool for any machinist or operator responsible for efficient, accurate work. It accommodates a wide range of jobs, decreases setup times and ensures precise, repeatable positioning.