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Edge finder

The KT 130 is a 3-D triggering edge finder. This means it can also be used for nonconducting materials. The stylus is deflected when it contacts the workpiece, and the edge finder sends a triggering signal over the connecting cable to DRO30x or MILLPWRG2. The KT 130 edge finder allows you to set datums quickly and easily, without leaving marks on the workpiece. For any workpiece materials; with spiral cable; ID 283 273-01.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of using an Edge Finder with a DRO or control?

    The ACU-RITE Electronic Edge Finder is an ideal tool for any machinist or operator responsible for efficient, accurate work. It accommodates a wide range of jobs, decreases setup times and ensures precise, repeatable positioning.

    How do I use an electronic Edge Finder?

    The Edge Finder is designed for use with DRO200 or DRO300 readouts and the MILLPWRG2. It is mounted in the spindle and automatically zeros on contact with a conductor or non-conductive materials. It increases speed and accuracy when establishing workpiece zero or locating edges.

    How accurate is the ACU-RITE Edge Finder?

    The accuracy and repeatability of the ACU-RITE Edge Finder are dependent on the resolution of the linear encoder it’s connected to.