2018 New DROs with bkgd-software update

Readout Systems

DRO100 Product Software

When a Product Software update is available it can be uploaded to the product
from a USB mass storage device.

To install a product software update:

  • Connect a USB mass storage device containing the Product Software update file to the USB port of the product

  • Press the Menu key

  • Open in the sequence

    • Installation Setup

    • File Management

    • Product Software

  • Select Install

  • Press the enter key to confirm the selection

  • Press the enter key to initiate installing the software update

  • A pop-up warning informs you that the software update will be installed

  • Press the enter key to install the software update

  • The product will restart OR

  • Press the C key to cancel

DRO203 & DRO300 Product Software

(For EDM functionality, your DRO30x must have software v1.3.0 or higher loaded on it)

To check bootloader and software version, go to:

  • Job Setup

  • System Information

Updating Software and Bootloader firmware in MaTop DRO 200 and DRO 300

  • Download software (below)

  • File will be downloaded as a zip file

  • Unzip file and copy to USB

    • Copy files to root directory of USB

  • Power up DRO

  • Press any key after power up

  • Press no ref soft key

  • Install USB into back of DRO – X31

  • Left cursor arrow to setup, press setup soft key

  • Cursor to User Management (if not already highlighted), press enter

  • Cursor to Supervisor Login (if not already highlighted) press enter, type password 8891, = press enter

  • Press C soft key

  • Cursor down to Installation Setup, = press enter

  • Cursor to File Management (if not already highlighted), press enter

  • Cursor down to Product Software, right arrow, cursor down to Install, press enter 3 times

  • Pop up Message will appear when software is loading - it's normal

    • For Boot Loader Updates: “Application not found. Installing factory back-up"

    • For Software Updates: “Installing new application software”

  • After software has loaded, press any key to continue

  • Remove USB from DRO – X31

  • Updates are complete

Current Readout Systems

NOTE: Software updates are available first on (English).




Additional software

System software
DRO100 v.1.4.0
DRO100 v.1.3.2
DRO100 v.1.2.1
DRO100 v.1.2.0
DRO100 v.1.1.0
DRO100 v.1.0.1
DRO100 v.1.0.0

mpub file (to load on readout)
DRO100 v1.4.0, English
DRO100 v1.4.0, Chinese
DRO100 v1.4.0, Czech
DRO100 v1.4.0, German
DRO100 v1.4.0, French
DRO100 v1.4.0, Hungarian
DRO100 v1.4.0, Italian
DRO100 v1.4.0, Polish
DRO100 v1.4.0, Slovak
DRO100 v1.4.0, Spanish
DRO100 v1.4.0, Thai
DRO100 v1.4.0, Turkish

Previous mpub versions
DRO100 v1.3.0 (all languages)
DRO100 v1.2.0 (all languages)
DRO100 v1.1.0 (all languages)
DRO100 v1.0.0 (all languages)
System software
DRO200 v.1.4.0
DRO200 v.1.3.2
DRO200 v.1.2.1
DRO200 v.1.2.0
DRO200 v.1.1.0
DRO200 v.1.0.1
DRO200 v.1.0.0

mpub file (to load on readout)
DRO200 v1.4.0, English
DRO200 v1.4.0, Chinese
DRO200 v1.4.0, Czech
DRO200 v1.4.0, German
DRO200 v1.4.0, French
DRO200 v1.4.0, Hungarian
DRO200 v1.4.0, Italian
DRO200 v1.4.0, Polish
DRO200 v1.4.0, Slovak
DRO200 v1.4.0, Spanish
DRO200 v1.4.0, Thai
DRO200 v1.4.0, Turkish

Previous mpub versions
DRO200 v1.3.2 (all languages)
DRO200 v1.2.0 (all languages)
DRO200 v1.1.0 (all languages)
DRO200 v1.0.0 (all languages)
System software
DRO300 v.1.4.0
DRO300 v.1.3.2
DRO300 v.1.2.1
DRO300 v.1.2.0
DRO300 v.1.1.0
DRO300 v.1.0.1
DRO300 v.1.0.0

mpub file (to load on readout)
DRO300 v1.4.0, English
DRO300 v1.4.0, Chinese
DRO300 v1.4.0, Czech
DRO300 v1.4.0, German
DRO300 v1.4.0, French
DRO300 v1.4.0, Hungarian
DRO300 v1.4.0, Italian
DRO300 v1.4.0, Polish
DRO300 v1.4.0, Slovak
DRO300 v1.4.0, Spanish
DRO300 v1.4.0, Thai
DRO300 v1.4.0, Turkish

Previous mpub versions
DRO300 v1.3.0 (all languages)
DRO300 v1.2.0 (all languages)
DRO300 v1.1.0 (all languages)
DRO300 v1.0.0 (all languages)
For DRO10X, DRO203 and DRO30X
Bootloader v1.0.6
USB Driver Installer

Discontinued Readout Systems




Single Axis
VUE Software v1.1.1
VUE Software v1.0.2
VUE Software v1.0.1
USB Driver v1.0.1

VUE Software v2.2.1
VUE Software v2.1.2
VUE Software v2.1.1
VUE Software v2.0.0
VUE Software v1.0.2
USB Driver v1.0.1
200S readout for all applications - 2-axes version
200S 2Axes v2.1.0
200S 2Axes v2.0.2 200S 2Axes v2.0.0
200S 2Axes v1.1.2
200S 2Axes v1.1.1

200S readout for all applications - 3-axes version
200S 3Axes v2.1.0
200S 3Axes v2.0.2
200S 3Axes v2.0.0
200S 3Axes v1.1.2
200S 3Axes v1.1.1
300S readout for all applications - 2-axes version
300S 2Axes v3.1.1
300S 2Axes v3.0.2
300S 2Axes v3.0.0
300S 2Axes v2.0.1
300S 2Axes v1.0.1

300S readout for all applications - 3 & 4 axes version
300S 3&4Axes v3.1.1
300S 3&4Axes v3.0.2
300S 3&4Axes v3.0.0
300S 3&4Axes v2.0.1
300S 3&4Axes v1.0.1

300S readout - monochrome setting
300s monochrome v1.0.1

VRO 300 Milling
VRO 300 Mill v1.1.2

VRO 300 Turning
VRO 300 Turn v1.1.2