Controls & Readouts

Digital readouts

Digital readouts from ACU-RITE make your manually operated machine tools more profitable, improve productivity, and raise the quality of the machined workpiece. The large LCD display clearly shows the actual axis positions. The context-sensitive graphical user guidance makes working with digital readouts from ACU-RITE a pleasure. Together with the linear scales from ACU-RITE they form an economic and effective package solution for initial setup or retrofitting on your machine tool.


The most cost-effective, entry-level digital readout system that incorporates display technology.

DRO203 »

The most popular digital readout system in the machine tool market.

DRO203Q »

The most popular digital readout in the machine tool marketplace, equipped with Quadra-Chek for efficient graphic inspection and metrology applications.

DRO300 »

The most complete digital readout system in the machine tool market.

droPWR »

Transform your tablet into an ACU-RITE digital readout and speed up processes with seamless switching between machines, milling, turning and grinding.

Mill controls

From the exceptional clarity of a large full-color LCD display to the added advantage of full 3D contouring capabilities and menu-prompted conversational programming, essential functions are only a key stroke away. Use MILLPWRG2® as a full-function digital readout system, a programmable CNC control or both. It’s powerful enough to handle any bed or knee mill job and easy enough for anyone to operate.


Powerfully easy controls turn just about any mill into a money-maker.

Lathe controls

The TURNPWR is a workshop-oriented turning control with state-of-the-art features standard. It enables the user to program conventional manual or automated machining operations right at the machine in an easy-to-use conversational programming language. TURNPWR promises to enable the user to maximize throughput by significantly reducing set-up time, scrap and other non-productive operations.


Designed for turning machine tools with up to two axes where manual and automated operation are both needed.


Bridging the gap between ACU-RITE and HEIDENHAIN controls, this easy-install adaptor kit allows operators familiar with MILLPWR or TURNPWR controls to use the HEIDENHAIN’s TNC 320 with the same AC system components.

PCBA Bridge Adapter Kit »

These kits make it easy for ACU-RITE users to learn how to use a CNC control, the HEIDENHAIN TNC 320.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an ACU-RITE control?

Since we started producing controls in the 1990s, every ACU-RITE control has been designed, built and serviced in the USA—every control is backed by a two-year warranty. Full-color displays, ergonomic keyboards, built-in programmability and essential functions also set ACU-RITE controls apart. Text-based setup guides and custom bracketing for controls and accompanying encoders, make installation and onboarding quick and easy.

What are the benefits of using a digital readout?

By continuously displaying the true location of all axes, a digital readout (DRO) makes manual machine tools more efficient and improves workpiece quality. DROs also make life easier for operators by reducing the number of manual calculations, and reliance on tiresome hand wheel adjustments.

How do I choose the right DRO for my operations?

The right DRO will depend on the type of machine/s, its application and the number of axes. Whether or not you need preset or part-program-storage capabilities is also a determining factor. Our DRO Selector Tool is one of the best ways to narrow down your search quickly.