A DRO for every application

SCHAUMBURG, IL (July 2015) — As we know, the focus of information communicated by a digital readout (DRO) is the measurement of the movement of a machine table stated in terms of direction, distance and location. The DRO displays these changes as a workpiece is moved. Here at ACU-RITE, we offer DROs for every manual machine tool application.

As users already understand, the primary benefit of a DRO is saving time and increased productivity. The addition of a readout system on any machine allows for reduced scrap due to the elimination of measuring inaccuracies. Machine operators are relieved of tedious setup, positioning and checking operations so more time is spent machining. Training is easier and faster, elevating less-experienced operators to obtain optimum production levels in a shorter time. The return on investment (ROI) on savings averages less than 30 days.

ACU-RITE offers three DROs, all with accompanying linear encoders

The VUE: The ACU-RITE VUE is an up-to-three-axis device mainly used as position display unit for simple infeed and positioning tasks, such as on grinding machines, drilling and boring machines, press brakes, crosscut saws, for positioning on rotary tables, etc. The clear and unambiguous display of the current position value on the large, clearly structured LCD screen makes working with the VUE easy and reliable.

The 200S: The ACU-RITE 200 series is a two- or three-axis device with LCD screen technology offering the possibility of running different types of operations with just one readout.  Simply use the software to switch between turning mode or milling and drilling mode. This model has a splash-proof full-travel keyboard and switching inputs/outputs (via IOB 49). The context-sensitive graphical user support on the crystal-clear LCD screen makes working with the ACU-RITE 200 series a pleasure. 

The 300S: The 300S is an up-to-four-axis device equipped with a 5.7-inch color flat panel for position values, dialogs and inputs and soft keys. The soft keys are used for diverse functions, mainly for operation and parameterization. The 300S display unit is designed as a sturdy upright unit with splash-proof full travel keypad for use in the workshop. It supports all operations with straightforward interactive menus on its large, easy-to-read color flat screen. In addition, the 300S is capable of all the functions of a programmable counter, such as the creation, editing, storing and running of programs. Numerous programs with differing names can be saved in the program list.

How And Where ACU-RITE DROs Are Used

The following machine tools represent typical applications for ACU-RITE’s readout systems:

MILLING: Mills, vertical boring mills and universal horizontal/vertical mills. Most system retrofits will require either a VUE, 200S, 300S, or a MILLPWR control with a minimum of two encoders.

TURNING: DROs can be retrofitted to almost any lathe or vertical turning lathe. Most system retrofits will require either a VUE, 200S or 300S for turning with a minimum of two scales (don’t forget that the 300S can accommodate up to four (4) machine tool axes).  Scale resolution is normally 5μm for the Z or longitudinal axis and 1μm for the X or cross slide axis.

GRINDING: DROs can be retrofitted to almost any surface grinder. Most system retrofits will require either a VUE or 200S with a minimum of one scale. Scale resolution is usually 1μm.

OPTICAL COMPARATOR: DROs restore the linear accuracy of comparators; eliminates dependence on accuracy of ball screw drives with inherent backlash. ACU-RITE’s DROs enhance coordinate measuring immensely and effect great savings in both time and accuracy. They require either a VUE or 200S with a minimum of two encoders (1μm for two axes).



When it comes to seeing the actual benefits of adding a DRO to a manual machine tool, often the most convincing argument is the rise in productivity due to increased utilization, output and accuracy. Jobs that might have been vended out due to a lack of time and capability can be kept in-house with a readout system. Similarly, jobs that were turned down or quoted too high in the past can be handled due to the increased capability of the shop.

Please share these various DRO application options with your area prospects.