Live Online: G2 Console & Program Training


Control Console System Overview
> Standardized Menu Options - Tool Features
> Digital Readout (DRO)
> Status Bar Display
> Jog, Continuous, Step Moves
> Job and Install Setup Parameters
> Absolute and Incremental Work Piece Positioning
> Establishing a Datum, Skew, Retract
> Probing Cycles
> Single Step Milling Functions
> Tool Library

Single Event Programming
> Position/ Drill
> Mill Line, Mill Arc
> Circle Pocket, Circle Frame, Circle Ring
> Helix, Radial Slot
> Rectangle Pocket, Rectangle Frame, Rectangle Face, Rectangle Slot
> Row of Holes, Rectangle Frame of Holes, Rectangle Array of Holes, Bolt Circle
> Blend, Inverted Blend, Chamfer
> Program (PGM) Mode
    • Program Functions
    • Program List
    • Folder List
    • Program Preview

> Creating and Editing a Program
> Step Functions, Change Steps, Delete Steps, Copy/Move Steps
> Program Steps, Custom Pockets, Island, Pilot Drill, Rough Mill
> Contour, Repeat, Rotate, Mirror
> Engrave line, Engrave Arc, Comment
> Auxiliary Function, Auxiliary Machine Interface (AMI)
> Other Program Steps
> Sample Program Build
> Geometry Calculator, Trig Calculator, RPM Calculator
> MILLPWRG2 Off Line Software


2024 Dates:
Feb 13-15
May 7-9
Aug 6-8
Oct 22-24
10am to 2pm (CT)
$400 (max 3 participants)
Class schedule:
Three four-hour days

Two Ways to Register

2024 Class Registration Form
By email: Download the form above, complete all the fields and send to
By fax: Download the form above, complete all the fields and fax to the attention of ACU-RITE Training at (800) 821-8208.
If paying by credit card, someone will be in contact with you regarding payment after receiving your registration.
NOTE: Your registration is considered confirmed only after your payment has been received.

Required tools

1. Computer or laptop with WebEx access and a large screen monitor for information sharing (if required)
2. A hard copy of the Program Training Guide (a PDF can be provided prior to the class)

Ideal tools

1. MILLPWRG2 off-line software (requires a USB Software license key) running on the individual user’s PC or laptop
2. MILLPWRG2 console (stand alone and set to DEMO mode)