Why Choose an ACU-RITE DRO System?

SCHAUMBURG, IL (March 2016) — A digital readout or DRO system consists of a readout display unit (1, 2 or 3 axis) and linear encoder feedback for all axes depending on the machine tool and the length of travel.

The readout continuously displays the actual location of all connected axes, and with the use of the key pad and the software specific functions of the readout, many different operations can be performed.

The linear encoders mounted on the machine are a device that contain a measurement standard and a movable scanning device or reader head. The linear encoder and reader head must have as much travel as the movement of the machine in that axis. The linear encoder electronics read the position of the machine travel.  This information is interpreted and sent to the digital readout to display the actual travel of machine movement.

Why the need for an ACU-RITE digital readout system

In a manual machine application, complicated shapes and patterns can be machined, but it can be a tedious and error-prone process.  If a machinist wants to manually move to a location several inches or mm away, he/she would have to start with a known location and very carefully count the number of turns made with the hand crank handle, then stop at the correct division on the machine dial. The machine operator must be careful to keep count of how many times they crank the handle and not misinterpret the starting point. Most manual machine use standard lead screw that are not very accurate and often times account for backlash present in the machine tool. When approaching the starting point of the machining operation, it is always good to approach from the same direction to eliminate the possibility of manual machine tool backlash.

With an ACU-RITE digital readout on a manual machine tool, the user can eliminate machine tool backlash as the readout will display the exact machine tool position for each axis consistently regardless of approach direction.


ACU-RITE readouts also provide common machine functions such as Tool Radius Compensation, HOLE PATTERNS, INCLINE line and ARC MILLING, Point-to-Point line milling, Tapper calculations for turning operations, and Radius diameter calculations to name a few.  ACU-RITE’s 300S readout model, for example, offers a CIRCLE PATTERN hole form in order to help the user program a hole pattern simply and efficiently (see images at right).

It is also important to note that all ACU-RITE readouts have flat screen displays which enable them to be very intuitive and user-friendly.

And as many already know, with each DRO purchase, ACU-RITE is the only readout manufacturer that provides accompanying bracket kits that are custom-made for various machines. These brackets are part of the ACU-RITE DRO package and provided at no extra cost.

All of these beneficial ACU-RITE DRO functions, and more, allow the user to machine parts quicker and more accurately than would ever be possible manually.

All ACU-RITE digital readout systems are also backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty and supported by a nationwide network of factory-trained and certified distributors. The distribution network is readily available to provide prompt delivery, product training and skilled technical service installation and support.