IMTS Spark: A digital destination

HEIDENHAIN is excited to announce its involvement in the new IMTS Spark, an online digital platform allowing visitors to research, find and gather the best information about manufacturing that today’s world has to offer. All the latest in leading motion control announcements that HEIDENHAIN had scheduled for the recently cancelled International Manufacturing Technology Show 2020 (IMTS) in Chicago has started to be available here in an exhibitor company showroom. Relevant new product documentation, videos and articles are among the information sources now available.

On Monday, September 21, the IMTS Spark Ignites live interaction of the online event begins and lasts until March 15, 2021. Here, online visitors can view live product demonstrations, as well as engage in online chats or set up WebEx meetings with company experts. Information will be updated regularly. This new engagement opportunity will allow visitors to view what was planned for the IMTS show floor in Chicago but do so safely from an Internet device and is not to be missed. HEIDENHAIN has plans to unveil and showcase the newest in motion control products at this international event.

HEIDENHAIN North America represents and distributes nine brands of precision measurement components, so information and experts from ACU-RITE and ETEL, among other brands, will be available at varying times during IMTS Spark.


HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 Control with Gen 3 Drive

ETEL TMB+ Torque Motors

Some of HEIDENHAIN’s highly anticipated product highlights on this digital platform include the introduction of the newest in lathe control – the ACU-RITE TURNPWR, as well as the latest on its ACU-RITE MILLPWR control.

Important advances in HEIDENHAIN’s popular five-axis contouring control – the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 control – including introduction of its new Gen 3 drive and features are significant introductions in the mix.

HEIDENHAIN also is showcasing its available metrology products.

And experts from ETEL are sharing the very latest on its popular TMB and TMK series torque motors… to name two.

IMTS Spark is now in the early stages of offering first-rate experiences to all of us in manufacturing that are effective, yet safe, in a wide-ranging and time-sensitive format. HEIDENHAIN staff is excited to be a part of this new digital event and to continuing to connect with its visitors in this new way in this new age. This exchange of information in the manufacturing world is possibly now more important than ever. Come visit with us there!