Dynamic new features now available on DROs

Picture1 For ACU-RITE’s current family of digital readouts (DROs), HEIDENHAIN has released a new version of software that includes several new and exciting enhancements.   Here are a few of the highlights.

Axes Q

Picture2The letter Q has been added to the axes’ names list specifically at the request of our customers using their DROs on Optical Comparators.
Available in DRO 100/200/300


Zoom Timeout

A “Zoom Timeout” time delay has been added to the Dynamic Zoom & Highlight feature so that users can set the amount of time that the Zoom or character color change stays active when an axis stops moving. Of course, if the user starts moving another axis before the delay time is reached, the delay is ignored in about a half of a second.
Available in DRO 200/300


“Send Position” Soft Key

A “Send Position” soft key has been added so users that want to record the Screen Displayed can send the data via a USB cable to a computer program of their choice. The computer program that HEIDENHAIN offers for FREE is the QC Wedge Software program. Click here to go to the HEIDENHAIN software page, and then click on Evaluation Electronics/QUADRA-CHEK Wedge.
Available in DRO 200/300

All of these highlights are part of the “v1.4.0” software package which can be downloaded for FREE on the Software Updates page.

More information is available from Tom LaRocca, HEIDENHAIN Machine Tool Product Specialist at tlarocca@heidenhain.com or 847-519-3398.