Did You Know the 300S DRO Offers Thread Assist?

Figure 2: Start and End Point Input

Figure 1: Thread Assist Setup

SCHAUMBURG, IL (April 2013) — This thread assist feature allows a lathe operator to machine a metric thread on an English ball screw which can be quite challenging and almost impossible without some aid of a DRO or control. The ACU-RITE 300S offers this thread assist functionality with its easy-to-use navigation and color screen. It can now be done in three easy steps.

First, the user should insert parameters in the thread cycle menu. Second, enter the start and end points. Third, move to zero and engage the thread lever.

Also, for repeat passes, the thread assist function allows the operator to engage and disengage the thread lever without reversing the spindle. The operator will need a rotary encoder and an additional axis on the DRO (3-axis DRO minimum). The thread assist package (TA-111) comes with a rotary encoder and all of the brackets and cables needed to mount the encoder to the lathe.