CSS option available with 200S/300S DROs

SCHAUMBURG, IL (December 2015) — ACU-RITE DROs continue to surprise its users with functions and options not originally expected. One such option that many are finding useful is the CSS (Constant Surface-cutting Speed) that is available on the 200S and 300S ACU-RITE DROs.

By connecting an IOB 49 external Input/Output unit to these DROs via the touch probe input port, users can simply access the CSS function, enabling spindle control for constant surface speed.

For turning applications, CSS provides spindle speed control as the diameter of the workpiece changes. A speed command signal is sent to the inverter of the spindle motor via the analog interface (DAC O V to 10 V) of the IOB 49. The maximum and minimum permissible spindle speeds can be then specified.

In addition, a maximum of three operating gears can be taken into account. The 200S/300S recognize the current gear selection by means of the switching inputs of the IOB 49.

CSS control can also be started remotely (via an input to the CSS board) with an external switch.

For milling applications, the speed of the spindle on milling machines can be controlled in an open controlled loop using the analog outputs.

A spindle speed can be assigned to each tool defined in the tool table, and the speed can be manually adapted during machining.

A complete user’s guide on this CSS functionality can be found on the ACU-RITE website or by clicking button on this page.

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