Change in MILLPWR motor exchange program

insider - 150pxMILLPWR-Motor-Exchange-Program-logo-croppedIn an effort to provide continued response improvement, HEIDENHAIN’s Commercial Services department announced a process change to the ACU-RITE MILLPWR Motor Exchange Program, effective March 1, 2017.

At that time, MILLPWR motor exchanges began to be charged at the actual cost, as opposed to a flat rate as in the past. In many cases, this results in a significant savings to the customer, as well as a more timely and accurate response.

To exchange for a refurbished MILLPWR motor, the customer is now charged the actual cost to refurbish their motor to a functional and cosmetically acceptable condition. This is equal to a Premium Repair and can include replacing additional parts and repainting. If the customer does not want to pay for cosmetic repairs, they can choose just a Functional Repair and receive the same motor back after it is fixed.

To participate in the program, a P.O. or credit card authorized for a quoted maximum charge is required at the start. Then the returned motor is evaluated, and a repair quote is issued for the actual repair required. The P.O. will be charged that amount plus original shipping and tax, or if a credit card was charged, a refund of the difference is issued to the card; HEIDENHAIN will never exceed the maximum quoted charge.

Dealers and distributors continue to receive their usual service discounts.

That maximum repair quote will be given upon issuance of a Service Return Authorization (SRA) number by HEIDENHAIN’s Technical Support who is required to initiate the exchange. To reach Technical Support for an SRA number, call 847-490-0351; Technical Support will also provide shipping instructions at that time.

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