7 reasons to choose an ACU-RITE control

While ACU-RITE is well known in the machine tool industry for its American-made rugged and reliable components, particularly its long-established digital readouts and linear encoders, it is important to note that today’s product offerings also include next-step ACU-RITE CNC controls for both milling and turning machines. The MILLPWRG2 is the established control for milling and the TURNPWR control for turning applications was introduced in 2019. Both of these ACU-RITE controls are now working in the field, and there are variety of reasons that these are becoming the choice of many.

Some of the machine tool applications for which these ACU-RITE controls are commonly found in operation include on bed mills, knee mills and tool room lathes. Here are seven of the most common reasons many choose ACU-RITE controls to accompany them.

1. Reliable Reputation / Strong Warranty

ACU-RITE has been in operation for over 60 years, steadfastly serving the machine tool industry all the way. Confidently owning a large portion of the market and still growing, ACU-RITE is proud to have

one of the best product warranties on the market. All ACU-RITE controls come with a two-year warranty unlike most others.

2. Fully Featured

ACU-RITE brand controls bridge the gap for manual machinists using digital readouts and who are looking to obtain next-level precision and automation in their shop. These MILLPWRG2 and TURNPWR CNCs are both extremely easy to use and are both equipped with a full set of standard features enabling the user to do more at the touch of a few buttons.

With conversational language for use, both ACU-RITE CNCs come with the ability to import DXF files and support G-Code programming. And in answer to customer requests, both control packages also offer an optional off-line simulation software package.

By using the various CNC features included within, users of both of these ACU-RITE controls are able to obtain faster set-ups and shorter run times than before, providing them with a major boost in machining productivity.

3. Made in the USA

ACU-RITE controls are made in the USA in an ISO facility utilizing a strong domestic workforce who takes great pride of ownership. This creates and maintains ongoing jobs in the U.S. And because most of the manufacturing is done in the suburban Chicago area, this also offers better product access, less supply chain issues and easier shipping within North America.

This location also ensures that ACU-RITE support is available easily by phone, appointment and/or online in local North American time zones.


ACU-RITE was established in the U.S. in early 1960s and has been owned and supported by parent company HEIDENHAIN since 1985 providing ACU-RITE with a strong current backing. HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is the North American subsidiary of the German company DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment utilized all over the world. With over 125 years in the industry, HEIDENHAIN is committed to providing customers with the products they need to meet the continually increasing demands for accuracy, precision, speed and cost savings.

5. Wide Sales and Distribution Network

The ACU-RITE sales and distribution network is certified and authorized to train and support all ACU-RITE products throughout North America. This is an important differentiation to many.

6. North American Service

Service for ACU-RITE products is available in North America with phone or online tech support, as well as on site or mail-in service.  Click to contact Service.

7. Value

And let’s not forget that ACU-RITE controls offer users a good value. Using ACU-RITE’s online calculator, users can see just how quickly they can expect a return-on-investment from an ACU-RITE control purchase, often in as little as three-months. Click to check out this resource.

Overall, since the ACU-RITE controls are designed, developed, manufactured, sold and supported in the U.S., they offer an economic and effective package solution for retrofitting of all kinds of manual machine tools in order to reach their maximum potential. And with the TURNPWR control now breaking into the market, the ACU-RITE machine tool accessory product portfolio is now complete. It is also important to note that these controls naturally lead users to the HEIDENHAIN TNC control products as the next level up when required. Contact ACU-RITE to learn more.

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