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ACU-RITE Manufacturing Successfully Moves to Illinois


NEW Complete Line of Performance-Driven Digital Readout Systems Now Available

“What’s in your shop?” Campaign for New DROs

Did you know that a MILLPWR is being used to create classic aircraft parts in an Alaskan machine shop?

Soon-to-Be Released G2 for Bed Mills


Exciting New Product Coming in 2018

Important Software Update Available for MILLPWR G2

Early Success of Long Encoder Solution by Authorized Distributors

USA Luge Uses G2 to Keep Sleds Competition Ready

Did You Know That a North Carolina College Purchased 14 G2 Controls for its New Machining Facility?

MILLPWR G2 Training Classes

See ACU-RITE at CMTS in September



Why Choose an ACU-RITE DRO System?

How Machine Tool Errors Occur



Did You Know about the Coupling Function?

Finding Your Edge

A DRO for Every Application

The Economics of Readouts

CSS Option Available with 200S/300S DROs



Differences between Absolute and Incremental Positioning on a DRO

New MILLPWRG2® Control Releases More

How to Replace EDM DROs With Current ACU-RITE Products

Guide to Connecting a KT 3-D Probe to DRO

An Easy Guide To Sharing DRO Data via Email


A How-To Guide For Installing ACU-RITE DRO Software

MILLPWRG2® and Precision Glass Scales: ACU-RITE’s Ultimate Combination

John Parker Hired As Controls Product Manager



NEW MILLPWRG2® Control is “Powerful Easy”

DID YOU KNOW…that the ACU-RITE 300S digital readout (DRO) offers “thread assist”?