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As an industry leader in the machine tool marketplace it is important to provide our customers with the most current documentation for our products. For literature pertaining to discontinued product lines please contact your customer service representative.

Readout Systems

updated 01/18

updated 01/18

updated 01/18


Control Systems

updated 04/15

G2 Upgrade Flyer



Electronic Edgefinder
updated 11/15

Precision Glass Scales

updated 11/15

SENC 150
updated 05/17


General Literature

The ABC’s of DRO’s

DRO Product Catalog
updated 03/18

Product Manuals

Manual downloads for current and discontinued products are provided at no charge as a reference tool for customers to install and operate Acu-Rite products. Terms and conditions of sale, including warranty coverage, are subject to change. The version of manual available for download may not reflect the warranty in effect at the time of purchase. Call our technical service department at 847.490.0351 with the product model, serial number and/or date of manufacture to determine warranty status.

Readout Systems

DRO100 Manual
DRO203 Manual
DRO300 Manual


Control Systems

MILLPWRG2 User Manual
updated 10/17


Discontinued Readout Systems

VUE Manual
200S Manual
300S Manual
100S for Grinding/General Use
100S for Milling
100S for Turning
Acu-Rite II Manual
Acu-Rite III Manual
DRO 100 Manual
DRO 200E Manual
DRO 200G Manual
DRO 200M Manual
DRO 200T Manual
EDM Vision Manual
Master-G Manual
Master-MP Manual
Master TP Manual
Micro-Line M
Micro-Line T
MillMate Manual
MillVision Manual
Old Style MILLPWR Manual
Qwik Count Manual
Qwik Count II Manual
TurnMate Manual
TurnVision Manual
VRO 300 Addendum
VRO 300M
VRO 300T


Discontinued Controls

MILLPWR 2 Axes Operation Manual
MILLPWR 3 Axes Operation Manual
MILLPWR Auxiliary Machine Interface Manual
3500i User Manual

Precision Glass Scales

updated 02/15
SENC 150
updated 02/15



CSS I/O Mounting Instructions
updated 10/09

CSS I/O Users Manual
updated 6/10

MSC Manual



Discontinued Scales

AR-5 Scale Manual
ENC 125 T/E Scale Manual
SENC 125 T/E
ENC 150 (New Style) Manual
ENC 150 (Old Style) Manual
Microscale Reference Manual
Mini-Scale/Mate-Scale Manual
ENC 150 and Microscale Part Numbers



International Documentation

Readout Systems

Discontinued Readout Systems

DRO Product Catalog, German
updated 03/18

DRO100 flyer, Spanish
DRO203 flyer, Spanish
DRO300 flyer, Spanish
VUE, Bulgarian
VUE, Chinese Simplified
VUE, Chinese Traditional
VUE, Czech
VUE, Danish
VUE, Dutch
VUE, Finnish
VUE, French
VUE, Greek
VUE, German
VUE, Hungarian
VUE, Italian
VUE, Japanese
VUE, Polish
VUE, Portuguese
VUE, Russian
VUE, Spanish
VUE, Swedish
VUE, Thai
VUE, Turkish
200S, Chinese Simplified
200S, Chinese Traditional
200S, Czech
200S, Danish
200S, Dutch
200S, Finnish
200S, French
200S, German
200S, Hungarian
200S, Polish
200S, Portuguese
200S, Russian
200S, Spanish
200S, Swedish
300S, Chinese Simplified
300S, Chinese Traditional
300S, Czech
300S, Danish
300S, Dutch
300S, Finnish
300S, French
300S, German
300S, Hungarian
300S, Italian
300S, Polish
300S, Portuguese
300S, Russian
300S, Spanish
300S, Swedish



CSS I/O Users Manual, French
CSS I/O Users Manual, German
CSS I/O Users Manual, Italian