2018 New DROs with bkgd-software update

Readout Systems

DRO100 Product Software

When a Product Software update is available it can be uploaded to the product
from a USB mass storage device.

To install a product software update:

  • Connect a USB mass storage device containing the Product Software update file to the USB port of the product

  • Press the Menu key

  • Open in the sequence

    • Installation Setup

    • File Management

    • Product Software

  • Select Install

  • Press the enter key to confirm the selection

  • Press the enter key to initiate installing the software update

  • A pop-up warning informs you that the software update will be installed

  • Press the enter key to install the software update

  • The product will restart OR

  • Press the C key to cancel

DRO203 & DRO300 Product Software

To check bootloader and software version, go to:

  • Job Setup

  • System Information

Updating Software and Bootloader firmware in MaTop DRO 200 and DRO 300

  • Download software (below)

  • File will be downloaded as a zip file

  • Unzip file and copy to USB

    • Copy files to root directory of USB

  • Power up DRO

  • Press any key after power up

  • Press no ref soft key

  • Install USB into back of DRO – X31

  • Left cursor arrow to setup, press setup soft key

  • Cursor to User Management (if not already highlighted), press enter

  • Cursor to Supervisor Login (if not already highlighted) press enter, type password 8891, = press enter

  • Press C soft key

  • Cursor down to Installation Setup, = press enter

  • Cursor to File Management (if not already highlighted), press enter

  • Cursor down to Product Software, right arrow, cursor down to Install, press enter 3 times

  • Pop up Message will appear when software is loading - it's normal

    • For Boot Loader Updates: “Application not found. Installing factory back-up"

    • For Software Updates: “Installing new application software”

  • After software has loaded, press any key to continue

  • Remove USB from DRO – X31

  • Updates are complete



DRO100 v.1.0.1

DRO100 v.1.0.0


DRO 100 Documentation (to load on readout)

DRO100 v1.0.0 — en




DRO200 v.1.0.1

DRO200 v.1.0.0


DRO 203 Documentation (to load on readout)

DRO200 v1.0.0 — en




DRO300 v.1.0.1

DRO300 v.1.0.0


DRO 300 Documentation (to load on readout)

DRO300 v1.0.0 — en



Bootloader (DRO10X, DRO203 and DRO30X)

Bootloader v1.0.4


Discontinued Readout Systems

VUE readout – Single Axis

VUE readout – Multi-Axis

200S readout for all applications – 2-axes version

200S readout for all applications – 3-axes version

300S readout for all applications – 2-axes version

300S readout for all applications – 3 & 4 axes version

300S readout – monochrome setting


VRO 300 Milling

VRO 300 Turning